Medical Acupuncture for Physicians
Returning Warrior Application

Tempe Mission Palms Hotel, Tempe, AZ
Introductory Unit: 10-14 December 2020
Clinical One: 12-16 February 2021
Clinical Two: 26-30 May 2021

If you are a graduate of the basic MAFP course with a graduation date of May 2019 and later, you may select the clinical unit(s) you wish to attend. If you graduated prior to this date, you may be requested to register for all three live units due to evolving course curriculum. Contact HMI to discuss your situation and goals.

In addition to completing the application form below, the following items are required for your application to be considered. You must submit them via email to

  • Résumé / CV
  • Photocopy or scan of your current medical license
  • Statement of plans on on your interest in returning to the program and your use of acupuncture since first taking the HMI course
  • Tuition payment

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    Introductory Unit (10-14 December 2020)Clinical One (12-16 February 2021)Clinical Two (26-30 May 2021)

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    CheckPreferred - Payable to Helms Medical Institute, 2520 Milvia Street, Berkeley, CA 94704Credit Card - onlinePay online at Card - by phoneCall 510-649-8488 between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM Pacific Time or fax to 510-649-8692

    All training activities will take place at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel and Conference Center, Tempe, AZ. You are requested to lodge at the hotel where a group rate has been arranged. A conference day use fee of $89 per day is required of participants who choose to stay elsewhere or who choose to share a room with another course participant.
    For additional information about this course, call 510-649-8488 or e-mail