Acupuncture for Pain: 200-Hour Course

Acupuncture for Pain: 200-Hour Course


HMI announces a new 200-hour intensive pain acupuncture course in Spring-Summer 2018. It runs concurrent with the annual 300-hour comprehensive Medical Acupuncture for Physicians course in Potomac, Maryland.

The dates are 15-19 March, 13-17 July, and 5-9 September.

The venue and dates for Acupuncture for Pain and Medical Acupuncture for Physicians are the same. There are, however, separate training pathways for the two courses.

Our traditional Medical Acupuncture for Physicians maintains its long-standing reputation as the best organized and most pragmatic comprehensive medical acupuncture training in the United States. It is the go-to course for doctors wanting to better understand and help their patients health challenges, whether new, old, functional, organic, psychosomatic, or pain in nature.

The greatest clinical demand for acupuncture services in the US is pain. The Acupuncture for Pain course has been created for providers in all clinical disciplines who want to treat patients with acupuncture for acute or chronic pain, and thereby reduce their reliance on pharmaceutical or surgical interventions.

Acupuncture for Pain is a tightly-orchestrated blend of reading-video-demonstration-supervision developed originally for US military physicians. It prepares participants to use new techniques immediately in practice. Acupuncture for Pain is appropriate for providers in busy practices who need effective acupuncture techniques at their fingertips when they encounter a patient with pain, techniques that can be delivered at the same offices visit without exceeding the visit’s timeframe.

Techniques learned in this course address nociceptive, neurogenic, and central pain by using a hierarchy of surface, myofascial, segmental, and periosteal needling techniques, complemented with ear and scalp needling. These techniques are reinforced with traditional acupuncture Qi energy patterns. Acupuncture for Pain trains the provider to deliver responsible, effective, and creative treatments for the pain and stress complaints seen in every medical practice. It also qualifies graduates to become practice members of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

Advantages of the 200-hour Acupuncture for Pain over the 300-hour comprehensive course:

  • Less reading and video time spent on home study and preparation
  • Fewer new terms and concepts to master
  • More supervised hands-on small group work at the live units
  • Take-home techniques learned at each live unit, ready to be put into practice
  • Immediate satisfaction of treating pain problems early and reducing or avoiding reliance on medications


Why is the tuition for a 200-hour CME course almost the same as for the 300-hour CME course?

The greatest expense in delivering acupuncture training is the time-away-from-office cost for the clinical preceptors. HMI preceptors are trained over a two-year period starting at least two years after their initial acupuncture training. Most of your teachers have at least ten years of experience. They are American Board of Medical Acupuncture certified practitioners, serious about the acupuncture component of their private practices and at their HMI events. To train you to the quality we want to deliver, the Acupuncture for Pain course engages more clinical preceptors for your training than for the comprehensive course. Quite simply, that’s why.

Who is eligible to apply for the Acupuncture for Pain training?

The course is open to physicians (MD-DO-DDS-DPM) and advanced practice nurses and physician assistants (NP-PA) in states where NP’s and PA’s are licensed to practice autonomously. In states where physician collaboration is required for advanced practice providers, they must document before applying that they are authorized – and can receive privileges – to use acupuncture in their practice settings. All applicants who are not MD-DO physicians must also confirm that the regulations for nonphysician licensed acupuncturists do not interfere with your license and privileges to practice in your state.

Acupuncture for Pain Application Form

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