Chinese Scalp Acupuncture

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Program Description

Chinese scalp acupuncture (CSA) is a contemporary first-line treatment for the busy practitioner that combines acupuncture with conventional biomedical understanding of the neuroanatomy, physiology, and pathology of the cerebral cortex. It can be used effectively to manage neurological problems that are not satisfactorily responsive to needling body or auricular patterns alone and can quickly produce convincing responses even in old and difficult problems.

CSA can be used as a solo treatment or in combination with auricular acupuncture and energetic body treatments for motor and sensory problems. CSA has demonstrated reliably positive results in managing musculoskeletal pain, headaches, vertigo, stroke and traumatic brain injury.

The HMI team has included CSA as the third acupuncture technique taught to military residents in the Nellis Project (, following auricular acupuncture and surface release technique.  Once learned, CSA becomes the first line of approach for all musculoskeletal complaints, often the only one necessary to achieve satisfactory results.  It is the ideal first step for pain when working in a time-constrained practice environment.

This one-day workshop introduces you to CSA through online videos, didactic material, demonstration of techniques, and hands-on experience. The didactic material covers the anatomy and physiology of the brain and the scalp, and the location and indications of scalp acupuncture points and zones. Demonstration and hands-on segments cover needling technique and stimulation of needles on your classmates.

Early application is recommended. Attendance is limited to 30 students.

Program Objectives

This continuing medical education activity is designed for physicians who have completed the HMI basic training program and have had solid experience in clinical acupuncture, whether in general medical applications, pain management, or rehabilitation medicine, who want to augment their clinical skills to address common and difficult neurological and neuromuscular problems.

With conscientious preparation and participation, at the conclusion of this training program you should be able to:

  • Appreciate the history, theory, and research of Chinese scalp acupuncture;
  • Understand appropriate clinical applications for this acupuncture discipline;
  • Recognize contraindications to the use of Chinese scalp acupuncture;
  • Design and execute treatments for the problems accessible to this discipline.
  • Be prepared to incorporate this technique in your clinical acupuncture practice.

Course Curriculum

You are required to watch 90 minutes of video material featuring Dr. Helms and review printed handouts prior to arriving at the workshop. The video material covers the basic anatomy of the Chinese scalp acupuncture zones. Dr. Nick Kouchis and senior preceptors teach the workshop.

Completion of a 300-hour medical acupuncture training course is a prerequisite to attend this course. The HMI course is strongly preferred; applicants who have completed other programs may be considered.