Helms Medical Institute
Medical Acupuncture for Physicians

The gold standard acupuncture training for doctors in North America

  • Hands-on clinical training you can use immediately after each live session
  • Low preceptor-to-student ratio for intensive small group learning
  • Revised and refined each season to meet changing needs and styles of practice
  • HMI preceptors are American Board of Medical Acupuncture certified and US-licensed MD and DO physicians
  • Acupuncture provides doctors – and their patients – safe alternatives to pain management that resolves the risk of opioid misuse
  • Spirit of camaraderie in every day of learning, unlike any other CME program you have attended
  • Being trained in medical acupuncture is prophylaxis against physician burnout
  • Treatment results deliver special satisfaction for both you and your patient

View the recording of the August 2023 Virtual Info Session

  • Introduction to the Science of Acupuncture, with Mitchell Elkiss, DO
  • HMI Course Curriculum & Structure, with David Groopman, MD
  • Frequently Asked Questions, with Sarah Weiss

Comments From Our Recent Graduates

HMI Medical Acupuncture for Physicians

“This is the best acupuncture training available.”

“This is by far the most comprehensive, hands-on, and clinically applicable CME course that I’ve ever taken. It was challenging and intense and will be immediately applicable in my clinical practice.”

Clinical Preceptors

“Very patient, altruistic, energetic, inspiring preceptors.”

“I appreciate the various personalities, teaching styles, and advice and education provided by diverse clinical experiences from all the teachers during the session.”

“I felt that everybody’s goal is for us to succeed.”

“All preceptors were knowledgeable, supportive, and challenging.”

“Great knowledge.  Great mentorship.  Love of teaching.”

“It is obvious preceptors’ passion for acupuncture.  As a student I appreciate that enthusiasm and time taken out of their schedule to do this and share their knowledge.”

Quality of Course

“Appreciated the case reviews and working with live patients. Really well grounded in applying acupuncture to real clinical medical problems.”

“Loved the large amount of needling, immediate feedback, great student-teacher ratios.  Preceptors had an incredible command of anatomy, the models (live and synthetic) were helpful.”

Life Changing Program

“One of the BEST experiences of my life. My one regret is that I didn’t do it earlier, but if my YuanQi is any indication I may practice another 26 years!”

“I know I’m on the right path.  Will be taking future courses.”

“This course is all about respect for the patient – bringing us back to our physician roots.”

“Enjoyed the course.  It opens up a new universe of treatment options.”

“This course solidified my decision to pursue acupuncture as my second career.”

“I am so grateful to have learned this amazing skill and art. I really didn’t know what it was about when I signed up for the class. I was opened to alternative ways of healing, especially ones that have been practiced for many, many years with results.”