Letters of Endorsement

My experience with HMI has been life-enhancing in every way. I have become a valued member of my hospital. I stay in contact with my acupuncture mentors and classmates from the original HMI course I attended. I find the acupuncture community to be full of down-to-earth, basically cool people who care about their patients.

Matthew Hing, MD, Family Medicine, Fountain, Colorado


Thank you for a whole new dimension of medicine. What an exciting time of seizing new knowledge and achieving of new benchmarks. Complex patients nobody wants to touch have now become a thrill. Treatment results are amazing!

Natalia Whitman, MD, Neurology


This is the only course I’ve taken where all instructors and preceptors are truly invested in our learning. I appreciate their dedication in making sure we understand and can apply the material.

Milena Zirovich, MD, Physical Medicine, Los Angeles, CA


This in NOT a gentleman’s course. You will study your backside off. In the end, however, you will walk away with everything you need to use acupuncture on a daily basis starting Day One.

John Lay, M.D., Family Medicine, Fort Walton Beach, FL


This is a really fantastic course. I liked that there was so much hands-on learning of skills to apply right away. The instructors were terrific, very patient, intelligent, and kind. They all worked with the intention to help us so that we can learn to heal our patients.

Tzu Moy, M.D., Internal Medicine, White Plains, NY


I see so many patients that would have totally left me at a loss as to how to help them without the training I got from HMI. Acupuncture is fully and seamlessly integrated into my practice. I now look at my patients from more than one perspective and usually find something that works. I have always enjoyed my job, but I enjoy it more now.

Sean Mulvaney, M.D., Sports Medicine, Davidsonville, Maryland


This course is elegantly conceived, brilliantly organized, and masterfully delivered.

Rocky Crocker, M.D., Family and Integrative Medicine, Jackson, Mississippi


I have never before participated in such an intense, stimulating, and consistently excellent learning experience. This was the most exciting and best presented course I have ever had, including everything since beginning medical school thirty-five years ago. It is a model worthy of being included in every medical school.

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. Founding President,
American Holistic Medical Association


The acupuncture perspective on symptoms helps me put aside the blinders of conventional medicine. I can listen to patients and believe them rather than dismissing them because what they are saying doesn’t make sense from a conventional perspective.

James W. Haefemeyer, M.D., Family Medicine, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Anyone, whatever their level of previous training in acupuncture, or for that matter in any field of medicine, will greatly benefit from the HMI course. I learned a great deal of new material that beautifully complements my 15+ years of training and practice in acupuncture.

Richard G. Petty, M.D., Neuropsychiatry,
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I recently mentioned to another course participant my calculations for the total true cost of taking the acupuncture course. His response was: “That is a small price for preventing professional burn-out.” Very true! Adding acupuncture to my practice has been the most refreshing and invigorating thing I have done in years.

Alan Spanos, M.D., M.A. Pain Management, Raleigh, North Carolina


I’ve read these brochures for years, but nothing in the quoted endorsements prepared me for how good the course is.

Paul B. Juergens, M.D., Pain Management, Marian, Illinois


My analogy of this course is that it sends you out like you were trained for the Marines, where other courses send you out to the National Guard.

Frank Russo, M.D., Anesthesiology, Cape Coral, Florida


This experience has been one of the highlights of my professional career. It provided me with the opportunity to expand my scope as a physician, in ways I never could have imagined.

Debra L. Braverman, M.D., Physical Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


In addition to getting the material across, the professors exhibit a sensitive concern for our confusion, and a willingness to repeat and reinforce material evenly, gently, and with an unusual sense of patience. This brings back an element of joy to the learning process, and rekindles the original love for the practice of medicine.

Mike Acord, M.D., Kaiser Permanente, Harbor City, California


Having spent more than ten years organizing educational sessions myself as a residency program director, I know how difficult it is to assemble, train, and monitor faculty for an undertaking this comprehensive. To an individual, the preceptors on the HMI team are enthusiastic, approachable, and well grounded in the fundamentals of the material they are presenting. They are all excellent communicators and, more importantly, good listeners. A course as demanding as this one would not be successful without this level of quality in its instructors.

Lt. Col. C. R. Pattan, M.D., (U.S. Army) Dupont, Washington


In retrospect, the tuition for the course is a bargain considering all the information we are given and the actual time spent in supervised activities.

Joel Stephenson, M.D., Lexington, Kentucky


I am grateful for my acupuncture training every time I interview a new complex patient, as I say: “Now that we’ve taken the detached I’m-not-really-interested-in-your-history medical check-list, if I had a magic wand and all you had to do was carefully and honestly list the problems you wanted sorted, what would they be? Even if you were told by other doctors that a problem was silly or insignificant, tell me all the same, and we’ll see if we can’t, together, work out something.” This is being a real physician.

Patrick Magovern, M.B.B.S., Dublin, Ireland