Books & Videos

Printed materials and video subscriptions in association with Helms Medical Institute are available for purchase:


Medical Acupuncture Publishers sells the following products:

  • Acupuncture Energetics textbook
  • HMI SMART Pocket Guide – 4″ x 6″ 
  • Point Locations and Functions atlas
  • Getting To Know You

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A Physician Explains How Acupuncture Helps You be the Best YOU

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Course Curriculum Videos

Subscriptions are available to course graduates of the Medical Acupuncture for Physicians program for continued access to the video collection of the course curriculum. Subscriptions are purchased in 3-month blocks, and all videos are accessed online. Please allow one business day after placing your order to gain access to the program.

Video Rental

The following DVDs are available for a rental fee of $35 per disc for graduates of the HMI basic course. Contact us for additional information on ordering.

HMI SMART Acupuncture Series

  • HMI Faculty: SMART Acupuncture for Pain Management
  • HMI Faculty: Neuromusculoskeletal Acupuncture Approaches: Discs 1-4
  • HMI Faculty: Stage 2: Details
  • HMI Faculty: Stage 3: Amplification Points

Clinical Workshop Series

  • Alex M: Psychoemotional Muscle Pain / Yang Ming Earth
  • Ana W: Fibromyalgia / Chong Mo-Dai Mo
  • Bill P: Cervical Pain / Tai Yin Metal
  • David C: GERD / Yang Ming
  • Dennis K: Three Headaches / Tai Yin-Yang Wei Mo
  • Jim H: Knee Arthritis / Yang Ming Metal
  • John G: Multiple Vertebral Traumas / Shao Yang
  • Linda T: Migraines / Carpal Tunnel / Jue Yin
  • Lonnie S: Lumbar Radicular Pain / Shao Yin-Tai Yang
  • Mariann J: Lumbar Radicular Pain / Tai Yang
  • Mary A: Chest Wall Pain / Tai Yin Metal
  • Mary S: Wrist Flexor Tendinitis / Sinusitis / Tai Yin-Yang Ming
  • Robert H: Lumbar Pain / Tai Yin Metal
  • Susan V: Infertility / Fatigue / Jue Yin
  • Terry A: Chronic Sinusitis / Tai Yin Metal

Theory in Clinical Acupuncture

Together these count as one DVD:

  • N→N+1 Patterns
  • Five Phases and the Real World


Musculoskeletal Pain Cases Demonstrating Craig-PENS Technique

From the Clinical Workshop Series, also used for the HMI intermediate courses.

  • Arthur R: Cervical and Lumbar Disc Disease / Shao Yang
  • Bridget P: Traumatic Musculoskeletal Pain / Infertility / Tai Yin
  • John G: Multiple Vertebral Traumas / Shao Yang
  • Linda T: Migraines / Carpal Tunnel / Jue Yin
  • Lonnie S: Lumbar Radicular Pain / Shao Yin-Tai Yang
  • Mariann J: Lumbar Radicular Pain / Tai Yang
  • Robert H: Lumbar Pain / Tai Yin Metal

Related DVDs of Interest

  • Terry Oleson: Introduction to Auriculotherapy
  • Mitchell Elkiss: Medical Acupuncture: Past, Present, and Future
  • Mitchell Elkiss: Understanding Pain
  • Mark Boswell: Acupuncture Neurobiology
  • James Dillard: The Neuromusculoskeletal Examination (also for sale @ $45)
  • Lynn Dolson: Physical and Energetic Manifestations of Disease (also for sale @ $45)
  • Abraham Liboff: Bioelectromagnetic Fields
  • Candace Pert: Acupuncture Neurophysiology (2 lectures on 1 DVD)

Complementary Musculoskeletal Approaches

  • Peter Baldry: Myofascial Acupuncture Techniques (2 DVDs)
  • Jay Sandweiss: Energetics and Manual Medicine (2 DVDs)
  • Wellington Tan: Acupuncture and Sports Medicine
  • Wellington Tan: Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Wellington Tan: Acupuncture and Geriatric Medicine
  • Jimmy Hara: Spray and Stretch Technique
  • Mark Seem: Surface Energetics: Discs 1-2
  • Joe Wong: One Needle Technique: Discs 1-3
  • C. Chan Gunn: Treating Myofacial Pain: Discs 1-2
  • HMI Faculty: HMI Microsystems
  • Patrick Magovern: Intramuscular Stimulation
  • Robert Roalfe: Operating Room Acupuncture

General Medical Patient Presentations

From the old Patient Presentation Series with Joseph Helms, still holding their value, some unabashed energetics.

  • Donald W: Extraction of Acute Viral Infection
  • Brian B: Arthralgias from Shao Yin and Tai Yin Deficiency
  • Sharon R: Epigastric Pain / Tai Yin-Yang Ming
  • Albert T: Global Kidney Deficiency
  • Glen M: Intestinal Pain / Yang Ming Weak Link
  • SYL: Chronic Cough / Tai Yin
  • David R: Coffee Ameliorated Headache / Shao Yang (with Maurice Mussat)
  • Ann H: Immune-Endocrine Catastrophe (with Maurice Mussat)
  • Dalia: Menstrual and Intestinal Problems / Tai Yin-Chong Mo-Yang Ming (with Maurice Mussat)
  • Catherine A: Headaches – Anxiety / Jue Yin – Yang Wei Mo (J. Helms alone) (combined with Dalia for 1 1/2 DVDs)


Also Available: Pain Management or Primary Care Specialty Tapes from the Basic Course

Refer to your course syllabus or e-mail George Rhoads at or fax him at 541-687-9317 for the current list.