About MAP & MAVL

Medical Acupuncture Publishers publishes printed materials in association with the Helms Medical Institute.

The Medical Acupuncture Video Library is a division of MAP.

George Rhoads is the coordinator of the Medical Acupuncture Video Library.

2360 West 23rd Avenue
Eugene, OR 97405
Tel/Fax: 541-687-9317


Medical Acupuncture Publishers sells the following products:

  • Acupuncture Energetics textbook
  • HMI SMART Pocket Guide – 4″ x 6″ 
  • Point Locations and Functions atlas
  • Getting To Know You

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If you want to purchase multiple copies of Getting To Know You use this link for a discounted price:


A Physician Explains How Acupuncture Helps You be the Best YOU
is available at www.acupunctureprofessor.com

Video Rental

The following DVDs are available for a rental fee of $35 per disc for graduates of the HMI basic course. Contact us for additional information on ordering and CME credit for these titles.

HMI SMART Acupuncture Series

  • HMI Faculty: SMART Acupuncture for Pain Management
  • HMI Faculty: Neuromusculoskeletal Acupuncture Approaches: Discs 1-4
  • HMI Faculty: Stage 2: Details
  • HMI Faculty: Stage 3: Amplification Points

Clinical Workshop Series

  • Alex M: Psychoemotional Muscle Pain / Yang Ming Earth
  • Ana W: Fibromyalgia / Chong Mo-Dai Mo
  • Bill P: Cervical Pain / Tai Yin Metal
  • David C: GERD / Yang Ming
  • Dennis K: Three Headaches / Tai Yin-Yang Wei Mo
  • Jim H: Knee Arthritis / Yang Ming Metal
  • John G: Multiple Vertebral Traumas / Shao Yang
  • Linda T: Migraines / Carpal Tunnel / Jue Yin
  • Lonnie S: Lumbar Radicular Pain / Shao Yin-Tai Yang
  • Mariann J: Lumbar Radicular Pain / Tai Yang
  • Mary A: Chest Wall Pain / Tai Yin Metal
  • Mary S: Wrist Flexor Tendinitis / Sinusitis / Tai Yin-Yang Ming
  • Robert H: Lumbar Pain / Tai Yin Metal
  • Susan V: Infertility / Fatigue / Jue Yin
  • Terry A: Chronic Sinusitis / Tai Yin Metal

Theory in Clinical Acupuncture

Together these count as one DVD:

  • N→N+1 Patterns
  • Five Phases and the Real World


Musculoskeletal Pain Cases Demonstrating Craig-PENS Technique

From the Clinical Workshop Series, also used for the HMI intermediate courses.

  • Arthur R: Cervical and Lumbar Disc Disease / Shao Yang
  • Bridget P: Traumatic Musculoskeletal Pain / Infertility / Tai Yin
  • John G: Multiple Vertebral Traumas / Shao Yang
  • Linda T: Migraines / Carpal Tunnel / Jue Yin
  • Lonnie S: Lumbar Radicular Pain / Shao Yin-Tai Yang
  • Mariann J: Lumbar Radicular Pain / Tai Yang
  • Robert H: Lumbar Pain / Tai Yin Metal

Related DVDs of Interest

  • Terry Oleson: Introduction to Auriculotherapy
  • Mitchell Elkiss: Medical Acupuncture: Past, Present, and Future
  • Mitchell Elkiss: Understanding Pain
  • Mark Boswell: Acupuncture Neurobiology
  • James Dillard: The Neuromusculoskeletal Examination (also for sale @ $45)
  • Lynn Dolson: Physical and Energetic Manifestations of Disease (also for sale @ $45)
  • Abraham Liboff: Bioelectromagnetic Fields
  • Candace Pert: Acupuncture Neurophysiology (2 lectures on 1 DVD)

Complementary Musculoskeletal Approaches

  • Peter Baldry: Myofascial Acupuncture Techniques (2 DVDs)
  • Jay Sandweiss: Energetics and Manual Medicine (2 DVDs)
  • Wellington Tan: Acupuncture and Sports Medicine
  • Wellington Tan: Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Wellington Tan: Acupuncture and Geriatric Medicine
  • Jimmy Hara: Spray and Stretch Technique
  • Mark Seem: Surface Energetics: Discs 1-2
  • Joe Wong: One Needle Technique: Discs 1-3
  • C. Chan Gunn: Treating Myofacial Pain: Discs 1-2
  • HMI Faculty: HMI Microsystems
  • Patrick Magovern: Intramuscular Stimulation
  • Robert Roalfe: Operating Room Acupuncture

General Medical Patient Presentations

From the old Patient Presentation Series with Joseph Helms, still holding their value, some unabashed energetics.

  • Donald W: Extraction of Acute Viral Infection
  • Brian B: Arthralgias from Shao Yin and Tai Yin Deficiency
  • Sharon R: Epigastric Pain / Tai Yin-Yang Ming
  • Albert T: Global Kidney Deficiency
  • Glen M: Intestinal Pain / Yang Ming Weak Link
  • SYL: Chronic Cough / Tai Yin
  • David R: Coffee Ameliorated Headache / Shao Yang (with Maurice Mussat)
  • Ann H: Immune-Endocrine Catastrophe (with Maurice Mussat)
  • Dalia: Menstrual and Intestinal Problems / Tai Yin-Chong Mo-Yang Ming (with Maurice Mussat)
  • Catherine A: Headaches – Anxiety / Jue Yin – Yang Wei Mo (J. Helms alone) (combined with Dalia for 1 1/2 DVDs)


Also Available: Pain Management or Primary Care Specialty Tapes from the Basic Course

Refer to your course syllabus or e-mail George Rhoads at MAVLoregon@comcast.net or fax him at 541-687-9317 for the current list.